TASSG is a fast paced, tactical orbiting arcade shooter in which you fly a small Ship trying to take out enemy Bases one at a time by hitting their Weak Spots, while at the same time maneuvering to evade their shots.

It was made in ~16 hours of work while spending a weekend at the beach with my family. I'd say at least 30% of the game was made while on a ship and the other 70% pretty late at night =D

It has been made for the Game Maker's ToolKit Game Jam,
with the Theme being: Dual Purpose Design.


A / D / Left Arrow / Right Arrow - Turning

W / Up Arrow / Space - Boost & Fire

Mechanics & Theme:

- Boosting your ship also fires your weapon;

- Your Ship's Boost Charge acts as a 1-hit shield against other bullets (getting depleted in the process);

- Shooting the Bases' Weak Spots damages the Base and gives the player an extra 3 Boost Charge.

- Destroying a Base replenishes the player's Boost Charge.

- If the player gets hit and the Boost Charge is 0, the player's Ship is destroyed.


-Andrei Tache - Game Design, Programming and Rudimentary Art


Made with Construct 2 Personal Edition;

-Art made with Paint.Net.

Feedback :)

I'd love to hear what you thought about the game, so be sure to let me know!

I was quite surprised with how this small project turned out, and I am thinking about turning it into a bigger project with more enemy variety, randomly generated levels and maybe even boss fights.

Install instructions


1) Extract the .zip file;

2) Run one of the .apk files.

- If it says: "Install Blocked", go into Settings - Security and turn on Unknown Sources. (After the game is installed, it can be turned back off)

- If you are able to run the .apk file, but the game does not install, exit out of it and run the other .apk file that came in the .zip file.

After the game is installed, the .apk files can be removed and Unknown Sources can be turned back off.


TASSG 0.10.exe 249 MB
TASSG 0.10 Android.zip 56 MB

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